Victorian Collection
The Victorian Collection
The Victorian Collection is a selection of miniature carpets for dollshouses based on real oriental carpet designs. All the carpets are dated between 1850-1900.
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Model Number: 17Kar

Karagashli Kit

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Size: 4¾" x 3"

Complete kit for the experienced needleworker to produce a 1/12th scale miniature version in needlepoint of an authentic oriental carpet. The kit contains a pattern chart with information about the origins of the carpet, fully illustrated instructions, 22-holes-to-the-inch bound canvas, Appleton's crewel wool, perle cotton for the fringe and a tapestry needle.

The original carpet on which this miniature version is based comes from the small town of Karagashli, just north of Perepedil on the shores of the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan. This late nineteenth century example is typical of Karagashli design: three vertically-placed red slanting palmettes on a blue ground, flanked by two rows of alternate white star-like flowers and stylised tree motifs. The border, with a leaf-and-calyx design on a yellow ground, is also typical, as are the stylised animals.




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